In Life Everyone Dies 
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Release Date 1/8/10
102 Pages
6"x9" softcover TPB, Kindle
ISBN: 1449908055
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Thirteen stories of the life and death of ordinary people. Every character in the first eleven stories are real people given the choice of how they would die. Would they be the hero? the villian? an innocent bystander? The answers may surprise you how each person decided how to die. The final two stories rounding out the book explore the terror that nature may bring and the surreal alternate reality one man finds himself in during the worst day of his life.
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Release Date: 8/9/10
68 Pages
6"x9" softcover TPB, Kindle
ISBN: 0557593476
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What else is there to say about this book that hasn't been said before? The story is simple, The French have the current world record for the world's hottest hot sauce. Dr. Ribs, the king of BBQ and hot sauce in Texas wants the record back. We find our hero, Sergio and his girl at the Texas State Fair for a fun day of drinking and mindless fun. Meanwhile, Dr. Ribs has the most brilliant minds in science genetically enhance habenaros to create the hottest sauce the world has ever seen. He succeeds in his quest, a bit too well. The sauce is introduced during the Texas State Fair to a large crowd of overweight rednecks wanting to be part of history. The sauce causes all of those that consume it to turn into blood craving zombies. Our hero must escape the Texas State Fair with his girl and a handful of other survivors past the horde of the obese undead.
This has become an undergroud Cult Hit. No sacred cow is left unscathed in this explotation of all that is been seen and done in B-Movie horror for the last 40 years! 


Let's Go To Hell!
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Release Date: May 7, 2011
17 Pages
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