Monday, October 31, 2011

The plan for the remainder of 2011

There are a few things brewing for me when it comes to conventions for 2012. There is talk about a local Pop Culture Convention  that would be a major breath of fresh air for this stagnant area we live in.

Hopefully it will happen as after talking to the person who is spearheading this proposal. This has a great feeling of DYI and just a day of massive fun.

The second is a bit different, I received an email from the promoter of a new Sci-Fi and Horror convention in Johnstown, PA in May 2012. I am debating on this one at this time and will really depend on finances at the start of the new year if this one will be a go or not.

The signing at Planet X Comics yesterday went great. Sold a few books and had a good time with Tim and Kim Fling, if you ever make it to York PA, stop there and they will take care of you (and buy more of my stuff since they stock all of the DMP in-print catalog).

For the remainder of 2011 and probably the first quarter of 2012 will see very little production from me as I will be continuing to work on the two Sulfur Books and re-writing Free Weapons and The Innocents. I may post some short stories here and there as well.

In sad news, The Twisted Library had to halt production of their upcoming anthologies including "Zombology 3" that was to feature my story "The Filthy Rotten". The rights have converted ack to me and I'm debating if i want to shop it around as is or turn it into a novella or novel. This was the first story I was actually proud of and I still feel that this is my strongest work I have done (and it was written back in 2008!). The other anthology I have a story in "Rapid Decomposition" is still being released but has not been given a release date at this time.

My first novel "Bakersfield" continues to be transcribed and once the first draft is fully transcribed, I will start on second draft. This is scheduled to be a trilogy.

Here is what is on my plate:
Sulfur: Protocol 42 (novel) @ 3k of 80k written 1st draft (high priority)
Sulfur: The Last Family (novel) @ 5k of 75k written 1st draft (high priority)
Free Weapons (comic book ongoing) Plotting first arc (low priority)
The Innocents (comic book mini-series) 1st draft of script written (mid priority)
Bakersfield (novel) 60k of 60k written 1st draft (high priority)

 That is all for now, if you have any questions , drop me an email DMP_Jay (@)


I am not accepting any submissions at this time. I have decided to focus on my own work and will not be publishing other writers/artists at this time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Signing Of The Year!

Sunday October 30th, 2011

From 1-3pm at Planet X Comics in York, Pennsylvania.

Sketchbook Of The Dead will have it's debut at Planet X Comics!
This is a special limited edition of the sketchbook limited to only 25 copies.
 The best part? it's only $2.99!
Featuring the artwork of:
 Stefano Cardoselli (Heavy Metal, Vincent Price Presents)
Mark Lone (Rise Of The Mutant Underground, Tales From The Dead)
Scott Conner (SFX Artist for numerous best selling movies)
Amber Russell (Painter)
William Cook (Artist & Writer)
Andrew Villar (Plan B Comics & Ambush Comics Philippines)

I will have limited copies of Tales From The Dead, The DMC 2010 Convention Preview (Featuring cover artwork used by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for their zombie preparedness feature), In Life, Everyone Dies and ONE copy of These Terrible Times (all that is left of the 50 copies). 

Unfortunately, Let's Go To Hell has sold out and will not be reprinted at this time. RED BAND! is available only through the printer HERE (softcover)  and HERE (hardcover).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Push For 2012

First before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jay Franklin, Semi-Professional Writer of HORROR and SCIENCE-FICTION. I am based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I have been writing since 2007 and a handful of my stories have been published. I purposely do not submit my stories to numerous publishers so that is one reason why you may not have heard of me.

 I have decided to only publish chapbooks for the foreseeable future as I have decided to focus my energy to obtain "the deal" with a traditional publisher. For the rest of 2011, I have begun writing two volumes of my "Armageddon" trilogy to begin shopping around by spring 2012.

This is a departure for me as I usually have a fast turnaround time on my full length books. I average about a month from first draft to final draft before sending for print. Since I started on the trilogy in July, going almost ten months for two books is unheard of for me.

My goal is to be a success in writing, I don't want to be Steven King, I'd be happy being able to live off my writing comfortably with my wife for decades to come. I don't want to be famous, I'd be happy just being that guy who writes.

So with that out of the way, let's get this started....

Deaf Mute Press currently has five titles in print:

In Life, Everyone Dies
This is my first full length, released in 2008. All the characters in the book are real people. I gave my friends a choice, they can be either good or evil, but they had to die at the end of their story. This is what they chose.

My second book, this is my Plan 9 From Outer Space. Written as a bad b-movie in mind, this has it all. Zombies, Booze, Rednecks and Monster Trucks. If you take an open mind into reading this book, you might see the humor in it. Regardless how many dick, fart and farm animal jokes, this is what it is. Soon to be made into a Major Motion picture from Uwe Boll! Actually, just kidding, this story is too good for him.

Tales From The Dead
A collaborative comic book made by comic fans. I have a six page story "Black Box" with long time collaborator Mark Lone closing out the book.

DMC Convention Preview
 A teaser comic of upcoming stories by myself and a few friends, including Gavin Williams (cover artist for These Terrible Times and back cover artist for In Life).

Sketchbook of the Dead
Releasing on Halloween. A sketchbook featuring artists from around the world.

Out Of Print Titles

These Terrible Times
Limited to 50. Featuring two stories of mine, "Leave A Light On" and "60 Days". Also includes the first chapter of "Dead Drunk" from Gavin Williams first previewed in the Convention Preview. Released for Horrorfind Weekend 12.

Let's Go To Hell
Limited to 25. A fun little chapbook that was a departure for me. It revolves around a couple who have lost everything and the choice they make for their future.

Tales From The Dead Baltimore Comic Convention Edition
Limited to 120. Same as the regular version but with a black and white cover with a BCC logo. A variant was released with a different cover and limited to 10. Exclusive to the Convention only.

Titles from other publishers:
Letters From The Dead
My piece of flash, "Albany" is part of this great book.

Zombology 3
Releases late 2010. Has one of my best stories, "The Filthy Rotten" included. A nice mid size short story. The ending is the best part.

Rapid Decomposition
Releases Early 2012. "She Never Ceases To Amaze Me", my thought on what a zombie outbreak would be like in Harrisburg.

That is it. This encompasses what I have released or has been released since 2010.

Since I have put out a pretty good amount over the past year and a half, I am going to really focus on making my push for next year. If you are willing to try out an unknown talent, give my works a try. You won't be disappointed (well, if you only read RED BAND! then maybe).

Thanks for reading...