Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sketchbook Of The Dead! FREE for 5 days only!

To coincide with the ebook release of Sketchbook, it will be available as a free download starting tonight at 12am pacific time on all amazon worldwide sites.

Amazon USA is HERE
Amazon UK is HERE
Amazon Italy is HERE
Amazon Germany is HERE
Amazon France is HERE
and wherever amazon.es is HERE

So download it for free, let's give the artists involved a #1 ranking!


and here is a teaser...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The goings on here...

Saw the final pencils from Stefano for the first ten pages of the comic adaption of RED BAND! and all I can say is the full book will be insane!

I'll have a few pics soon, this is going to be a great adaption that also expands on the original story (I'm also going to re-write the original book as well, change it up a bit and just make it a more streamlined story).

I never thought that the idea for RB! would turn into a minor success like this. It was always a joke, nothing that I expected to be anything but a big pile, I'm still not sure how it happened.

How long the original version stays in print hasn't been determined yet. I don't see the paperback lasting much after the comic is released since it has been refined quite a bit. Plus the re-write will blow the original out of the water.

 This is the original pencils for the character design of Ritchey, it really shows the unique art style of Stefano...

And here is the final inked and colored artwork that was made into a poster by inker and colorist (and quite the artist in his own right) Mark Lone

In other news, kind of jumping from story to story, not focusing on anything. I did come up with a new story idea based around two very nasty diseases and the pathology behind them. Still sorting through what to make of it before I start writing. The research has been very involved so far with in depth case studies of actual sufferers of the diseases. This is going to be fiction but grounded in medical fact. All the way down to the forms that the CDC require the medical community to report patients suffering from these rare but fatal dieseases. Not releasing which dieases they are but to give you an idea, one affects roughly 300 americans every year and the other has only 24 reported cases since 1980.

And that is it...for now...


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tales From The Dead issue 1 is now free!

You can now read my first comic story for free right here My story is black box that ends the issue. Enjoy! Jay

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Open call to everyone...

As with anything, people LOVE reviews, makes them more secure in trying something new.

I have a favor to ask all who have read my books, stories, comics...all of it.

I need reviews, especially on amazon. I really need reviews, as many as I can swindle out of people.

so i ask...can anyone please give some write ups of my books? Nothing special, but HONEST reviews. That is all I ask for. Even if the review is summed up in the words "SUCKS BALLS!" or the more popular "He is teh awesome!"

This is what my books have been missing, reviews. From the page counts that I have, there have been visits in the 4 to low 5 figures for my books on amazon. However when I ask people who have contacted me why they didn't go for the book(s) is simple, there weren't enough reviews to justify buying them.

If you have any of my books, love them or hate them, can I bother you to give a (repeat) HONEST review of the book.

I've been passive on this whole promoting oneself (or as i call it: whoring) I have realized that I have to be much more aggressive in promoting myself if I want this to be something that I can actually do something with.

I've made it easy for you too by having the link to my works on amazon right here


Monday, June 4, 2012


Working on a buch of things tonight....

Plague: An isolated small town in North Dakota, a war hero and a legion of the dead growing outside the town's limits.

Skin Eater: Keeping this secret for a bit...

Protocol 42: Sulfur....going back to Sulfur. Can't break myself from this bastard.

and of course RED BAND! the Comic and RED BAND! 2! The sequel

I'll let you in on some work in progress if you would like, but you have to tell me!

Join my facebook page HERE and let me know.


Monday, May 21, 2012

There will be much more activity in the near future...

Due to various things occupying my life, I've been lacking on posting any updates and more importantly... writing.

Now that my plate is empty for a bit, I'm going to be much more active with this page.

Just be on the lookout...


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sci-Fi In The Valley....

Here at Sci-Fi In The Valley, after a pretty good first day, i expect a big second day since i'm not sure if i will be here all day sunday due to the 3 hour drive back home.

My only issue is that people are expecting horror to be "kid friendly" now thanks to the twilight series and the hunger games. This makes it difficult for me to see  people regress and be taken aback that there are still true "horror" creators making traditional horror stories/comics/movies.

Other than that elephant in the room, it's been good so far....oh...and those rasslers...those damn obnoxious rasslers....