Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Open call to everyone...

As with anything, people LOVE reviews, makes them more secure in trying something new.

I have a favor to ask all who have read my books, stories, comics...all of it.

I need reviews, especially on amazon. I really need reviews, as many as I can swindle out of people.

so i ask...can anyone please give some write ups of my books? Nothing special, but HONEST reviews. That is all I ask for. Even if the review is summed up in the words "SUCKS BALLS!" or the more popular "He is teh awesome!"

This is what my books have been missing, reviews. From the page counts that I have, there have been visits in the 4 to low 5 figures for my books on amazon. However when I ask people who have contacted me why they didn't go for the book(s) is simple, there weren't enough reviews to justify buying them.

If you have any of my books, love them or hate them, can I bother you to give a (repeat) HONEST review of the book.

I've been passive on this whole promoting oneself (or as i call it: whoring) I have realized that I have to be much more aggressive in promoting myself if I want this to be something that I can actually do something with.

I've made it easy for you too by having the link to my works on amazon right here


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