Monday, November 14, 2011

Changes in mid-writing

It's a good thing that I decided from the start to take my next projects slow since, well, I changed the whole basis of The Last Family today. Almost a rebirth but not quite, the basis of the story has changed due to large plot points being re-written. Why is that? Because when I am writing, I always come up with something to add to the basic plot (I don't write or plan out endings when I start a story, I can go through dozens of endings even for the shortest stories).

My works straddle the line between taking events from reality and equally from fantasy. To me, there has to be a small amount of realism in what I write or I'm not satisfied with it and it goes into the "never to be seen again box on our second floor", that box has no less than 100 stories that probably will not see the light of day.

Why am I posting this? It's simple, for the Armageddon Trilogy, I have the first two books set (the sulfur books) but I couldn't figure out what to do with the third book since the way they are being written, the second book has a very narrow story. Until now.

This third book started out as a short story or comic book that had nothing to do with the sulfur universe. That changed while I was working my regular job, Change the plot in The Last Family and this other story now fits, the third book in the trilogy will be called The Mass Revolution.

The timeline of the three books:
Present time:
Protocol 42

Five years after Protocol 42:
The Last Family

One Year After Last Family:
The Mass Revolution

 So there it is...the final title in the trilogy.

Over the last week or two I have thought hard about what I want to say (if anything) with the words that I write. For myself, entertainment is priority but I have this push to provide commentary in what i see day to day as well, so this will be the big experiment, mixing commentary and entertainment in one.

Only time will tell if it will float....


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