Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update on "Sketchbook Of The Dead"

Now that Halloween is almost a month in the past, I'd like to fill in everyone in the status.

The book is at the printer as we speak, I tweaked the book and completely re-did it all. There are still two versions being printed....

Cover Price: $2.99, only available through Deaf Mute Press. 8 Pages

Dead Letter Edition: Still only 25 copies will be for sale, and they are hand numbered to 25.

Cover: Still the zombie clown and monkey artwork by Stefano Cardoselli, but now in a really cool sketch version. The color cover will now be regulated to the regular edition. This was done to keep the price point of the Dead Letter Version to under $3.

Interior: Originally black and white, it is now going to be in full color. Content change is minimal, again to keep the price under $3.

Availability: Good News/Bad News, the numbers 1-5 have been sold. That leaves 6-12 & 14-25 left. What about #13? That is the file copy.

Release Date: Early December 2011

Sketchbook Of The Dead Regular version:

Cover Price: $3.99, available worldwide. 20 pages

Cover: Full Color

Interior: Full Color

Availability: Unlimited Print Run.

Release Date: December 2011

There is a possibility of a very limited edition of 5 copies, I'm still working out the logistics. The plan would be a price point of $50-$100 for this Ultra Limited Edition. More details when they become available.

Sketchbook of the Dead 2? Possibly. Depending on my workload with other projects (mainly projects I have something to add, since I have no artistic talent, I just do the design and logistics on the sketchbooks).

I am possibly discontinuing the regular website to focus only writing and this site so my email address at this time is changing to . Please do not send anything further to at this time.

Also, I have been throwing out the idea to actually propose RED BAND! to the one and only Uwe Boll to possibly make into a movie. Since the book was written to be made into an absolutely horrible movie, I'd like to see it happen. May start a page dedicated to swindling him, err, I mean, asking him to make it a reality. Couldn't be any worse than Daredevil could it?

Until the next one....

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